Barrington, IL
Barn Managers
We love horses and the zen of barn work!
Let us do the chores!
Feed, water and muck the stalls.
We know that you love horse.  We know that owning a horse can also be demanding.  Raising a family, having a career and tending to the horses can be even harder.  We can help.  We have been helping families in the Barrington area for many years.  Give us a call and see how we can assist you with the chores of the barn so you can enjoy owning and riding.
  •  Daily chores of feeding, watering, and mucking stalls with efficiency and care.
  •  We will follow your guidelines for your specific horses.
  •  You decide the schedule or the dates you need help.
  •  We live in Barrington so we can work a unique schedule.
  •  Reputable with references. 
What We Do
  1. $25 per horse per day
    Feed, water and muck stalls with lunging if needed. Repeating schedule.
  2. $30 per day per horse if not scheduled repeating.
    Feed, water and muck stalls with lunging if needed.
  3. $varies/day
    House and barn management. Need someone to keep an eye on all the animals including the house and barn. I get how difficult it can be to take a vacation when you have a whole house and barn full of animals.
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Let us do the work!