Barrington, IL
Barn Managers
Small Mid West family that has traveled west a couple of times.
We love the mountains and the outdoors.  Live in Barrington because we love the people and we love the schools.
We have been back in the area a bout a year after being out west for several years.
  • Started working with horses about 25 years ago
  • Mainly feeding, watering, mucking stalls and grooming
  • I do not claim to be a horse trainer, a vet, or a pro rider...just a hrd worker
  • You can always contact me via text.....217-994-1856
  • Willing to travel in Barrington area.
  • No contracts or paperwork....just a handshake
  • Always available for other services based on your needs and my experience.
  • I am a reputable guy with a great family and I love working outside with plants and animals
Google my name and you will see that I have worked as a Strength Coach and Personal Trainer for over 20 years but in my spare time I work with plants in the garden and horses.  I am hoping that I will soon be able to spend all of my time on farms and in gardens with my wife by my side.